[ubuntu-za] moving thunderbird linux to windows

Bruno Mondego Marques bruno at tropical.co.mz
Wed Jul 15 11:45:44 BST 2009

> Hi,
> I don't know Thunderbird, but could you not backup the profile in
> Thunderbird in Linux, and then restore it in Thunderbird in Windows?.
> This is how I do it in Evolution, between distros and so forth.  I am
> not sure if Thunderbird can do this, though.
> Regards,
> Douglas
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well, the thing is, i didnt try and do that..
what i did, was i saved the profile folder...
formated the machine and instaled windows... i now HAVE to find a way to
put all the mails from linux thunderbird into windows thunderbird, using
that profile folder! =(

any ideas?


Bruno Marques

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