[ubuntu-za] Controlling Memory Hogs on Ubuntu

David Robert Lewis ethnopunk at telkomsa.net
Sat Jul 11 14:24:43 BST 2009

Michael Gorven wrote:
> On Tuesday 07 July 2009 10:50:53 David Robert Lewis wrote:
>> Is there any way to control the amount of Ram an application uses? Can I
>> restrict individual applications like Firefox, and stop them from taking
>> over all available Ram? I remember this was one of the features of the
>> Apple desktop, but it seems to be unavailable for Linux?
> It may be possible by starting the application from a shell after setting 
> limits with ulimit (look in `man bash` for details).
> Michael
Thanks Michael. Steered me in the right direction. I guess I can do the 
math with Google. With enough searching, asking around and what have 
you, somebody will invent the applet that makes the Ubuntu 
"user-experience" easier. Canonical seriously needs to look at Gnome 
from a memory conservation point of view. Its probably the most bloated 
desktop around (besides KDE) and I am having a lot more joy out of my 
current favourite, Crystal. LXDE is another light weight memory saver. 
So maybe this has something to do with GTK? Wish there was just tick-box 
I could click to adjust memory.


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