[ubuntu-za] Google Chrome OS

David Robert Lewis ethnopunk at telkomsa.net
Fri Jul 10 09:52:58 BST 2009

 From what I hear, sounds like they want to bury the PC, destroy 
Microsoft and make every other OS meaningless. I think this is way to 
aggressive and not good for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu will prevail in the long run. We have a better metaphor than Google.

Some people will choose Android because they want to become machines. 
Others will choose Ubuntu because they want machines to become more 
human. You can't have it both ways. Or maybe you can, but at what price?

I used bandy this quote around quite a lot in the nineties, maybe the 
MOTU picked it up,
"The problem with computers is, there is not enough Africa in them" -- 
Brian Eno.

Ubuntu puts Africa in the computer. This is why Ubuntu is cool.

Some people will want to put Google in the machine and it will become 
just another desktop option for Linux.

My two cents


Robert Ketteringham wrote:
> Wikus Cornelius wrote:
>> Just for interest sake:
>> http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/07/introducing-google-chrome-os.html
> This is interesting stuff.
> I can't imagine google trying to effectively handle the millions of 
> hardware combinations without heavily relying on code from various linux 
> distributions. One has to wonder though, are they simply going to take a 
> linux distribution and remove everything except their browser, or are 
> they going to produce useful, original code that can be reintegrated 
> into Ubuntu and the likes?
> And then there is the issue of how open source fits in in a world where 
> most of our applications are in the cloud.
> Things are going to get interesting in the next 2 years.
> Robert

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