[ubuntu-za] Sun Java on Ubuntu

William Gebers wgebers at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 08:25:25 BST 2009

Hi Louis.

2009/7/8 Louis van der Merwe <themandibleclaw at gmail.com>:
>> to download it again as it would use up more of his internet cap.
>>> Any suggestions?
>>> Thanks
>>> William
> Hi William,
> java a look at update-java-alternatives (i think that's what it's
> called, don't have an ubuntu box here to check). look at
> /etc/alternatives, you'll probably find that the java link there
> points to gcj or some other java. incidently, you can install sun java
> directly from the repository using apt on ubuntu, there is no need to
> manually download the bin file from sun's website.
> hth
> Louis
Thanks.  I will have a look.

I know that you can install directly from the repositories.  I am just
trying to avoid reinstalling as it has already been done.

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