[ubuntu-za] Certificate problem

Michael Gorven michael at gorven.za.net
Tue Jul 7 10:04:11 BST 2009

On Tuesday 07 July 2009 10:47:33 Alf Stockton wrote:
> When using Thunderbird on Ubuntu 8.10 to download my email from my server
> at www.stockton.co.za I keep getting the message as displayed in the
> attached image.
> The reverse DNS for my host is set as ubuntuhal.stockton.co.za.
> Now what do I need to do to repair this?

The problem is that the name in the SSL certificate is 
li11-60.members.linode.com, which doesn't match the hostname Thunderbird is 
connecting to. You either need to get an SSL certificate with the right name, 
tell Thunderbird to connect to li11-60.members.linode.com, or ignore the 


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