[ubuntu-za] Tracker Applet

Lee Sharp leesharp at hal-pc.org
Mon Jul 6 14:51:14 BST 2009

Bruno Marques wrote:
> hello everyone
> i seem to have a problem with my ubuntu 9.04
> everytime i plug in a usb flash disc, memory card, external hard drive, etc
> after a few seconds a warning message appears saying:
> Tracker
> There was an error while performing indexing:
> Index corrupted
> and it gives me 3 options. Reindex all contents, Cancel and OK.
> if i click cancel or ok, the message disappears but shows up again after 
> 3 seconds or so.
> if i choose reindex all contents another message appears saying:
> Re-index your system?
> indexing can take a long time. Are you sure you want to re-index?

I hate Tracker, and disable it, personally.  But if you want to keep it, 
you will have to re-index your system as the file is messed up.


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