[ubuntu-za] Home network implementations (Phase 1)

Lee Sharp leesharp at hal-pc.org
Wed Jul 1 04:00:47 BST 2009

SecretCode wrote:

> Would you consider SmoothWall or IPCop as alternatives to those three 
> you mentioned? Also open source (ipcop is a fork of smoothwall) and with 
> many community add-ons available. I'm running smoothwall but if one of 
> those is "clearly better" maybe I should try them out...

There is a philosophy difference.  Smoothwall, ipcop and Untangle are 
full linux distributions with a firewall on top.  m0n0wall is an 
absolutely stripped down install with nothing in it other than what is 
absolutely needed.  (For example, the 'free' command is gone because it 
is not needed.)  This makes it more secure from exclusion.  Also, it is 
FreeBSD so it takes a different skillset to hack, and once inside, you 
now have to hack Linux. :)  pfsence is m0n0wall with plugins, so it is 
kinda between m0n0wall and a full OS.  Untangle is fat, but it is very 
easy to configure properly.  Fantastic for business majors. ;)


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