[ubuntu-za] Kubuntu810-screen probs-SiS chipset

Alan Smith wrinklees at iburst.co.za
Tue Jan 27 11:38:39 GMT 2009

Hi All

Problem: Screen flickers; when entering in terminal/konsole it actually 
flashes off and on.

Motherboard: Asus P5SD2-VM. Chipset: SiS 672 + SiS 968. VGA: SiS Mirage 3+ 
Intergrated graphics. Screen: L&G 17 inch CRT1280x1024 at 60Hz -max; 
1024x768 at 85Hz -recommended
Kernal: Linux 2.6.27-7-amd64 and Linux 2.6.27-9-amd64 upgrade.

When kubuntu810 first loaded - before switching off - screen flickered; on 
restarting, screen blanked out when system was loading following password 

Kubuntu810 disk reloaded - in system settings programme found display set at 
1280x1024-auto refresh. Reset this to 1024x768-auto refresh (cannot manually 
set to 85Hz, it defaults to auto) and screen now only flickers on restart but 
when I enter in terminal/konsole  the screen actually flashes off and on as I 
enter from keyboard. Kernal upgrade (via AptonCd) has not been done with new 
screen settings. (Problem pc is my son's, my pc is working fine so I can 
access internet and system with no problems).

Have searched ubuntu forum but cannot find discussion paper on this specific 
screen problem. Have searched file system but cannot see where I can manually 
set refresh rate. Can you help with this problem; what is my next move?

Alan Smith

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