[ubuntu-za] Installing Java on 8.04 LTS

Louis van der Merwe themandibleclaw at gmail.com
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2009/1/15 Alf Stockton <alf at stockton.co.za>

> With a view to installing TRAC+, which is a Java application, on a 8.04 LTS
> system I have run "apt-get install sun-Java5-bin" but when it gets to
> actually
> installing TRAC+ and issuing the command
> "$JAVA_HOME/bin/jar -xvf track-361.war"
> in the appropriate directory I get an error:-
>  -bash: /bin/jar: No such file or directory
> I have obviously got the installation of Java wrong but where?
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Hi Alf,

Due to sun's license on java, linux distributions ship with a GNU version of
java (gcj).
under /etc/alternatives, you will find symbolic links pointing some of the
java components (java, javac, jar, ect ...)
to gcj. You installed sun-java correctly, but you're missing a step.

after running apt-get install sun-java5-bin, you need to update your java
alternatives (/etc/alternatives).
You need to use a tool called update-java-alternatives.

run `update-java-alternatives -l` to get a list of all the java versions
then run `update-java-alternatives {java-version}` to relink to the correct
java installation.

`which jar` should now point to the jar binary for java 5



btw - jar is the java archive tool. it is used to package and unpackage jar,
war and ear files (effectively zip files with a manifest and a different

give me a shout if you don't come right.

also, if you run your app and get a message like "incorrect major minor
version", it means that your application was compiled on a different version
of java to the one you've installed, so as james suggested, you might want
to try installing java6 and then updating your alternatives agin.


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