[ubuntu-za] Post intrepid 'no sound' problem - ALSA, PulseAudio, & drivers

Louis van der Merwe themandibleclaw at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 11:15:24 GMT 2009


Damn (vent alert!..): It used to work. I thought we were past this
> kind of problem. A single issue like this might kill the entire OS for
> some people.
> Luckily I'm a die hard ubuntero.
> - --

Hi Péter,

Don't laugh, but have you checked that it's not on mute? From what I can see
in your mail, everything appears to be configured correctly, and no errors
are reported (as you said). Firstly check in *gnome-sound-properties* and
ensure that the correct devices are selected. you can also test the sound
from there. If that fails, check your volumes in gnome-volume-control or
alsamixer and make sure that nothing is on mute.

who knows, it's worth a shot :-)


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