[ubuntu-za] Hout Bay Ahoy

David Mark Bodmer david.bodmer at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 19:24:01 GMT 2009

Hello ubuntu za community.
I am looking for somebody who lives in the precious little valley of Hout
Bay, who could possibly support me with an uptodate(ish) repo

I am still a beginner with ubuntu, but def not with Google, so i think i
could use the repo to update a dear friend (who has no internet) of mines pc
with open office and a music app, and so on. (the general updates)

My backup plan is to buy a cheap network card for the old 'Pentium II' and
updating it on my internet cap at the end of the month or something.

If anyone has any other suggestions, for a plan of action, i would
appreciate it.

David Bodmer

"Put your trust in the Lord and He will light your step"
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