[ubuntu-za] Epson CX4300 Multifunction Printer

Louis Fourie ayden.fourie at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 07:17:18 GMT 2009

frans wrote:
> Louis Fourie wrote:
>> Good day Everybody,
>> Just an update this printer does not work out of the box. Actually I 
>> have not been able to get the scanner or the Printer working, still work 
>> inprogress.
>> Just for intrest sake.
>> Regards
>> Louis Fourie
> scanner setup usually consist of finding the firmware file in the 
> windows setup files and copying it to the correct folder...i think. It 
> works on my genius scanner anyway,
> on my samsung printer i had to use an previous printer in the series's 
> driver. hope that at least point in the right direction.
Thank you for the hints, I found some help googling but it is normally 
very time consuming.
But I am confident I will get it working. (Eventually)

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