[ubuntu-za] Epson CX4300 Multifunction Printer

louis ayden.fourie at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 06:07:30 GMT 2009

Thank you very much it's an "elcheapo", looking at this as a replacement for
a Lexmark Multifunction Printer, Scanner, Fax that is not at all supported
(Game Special). I have a Canon i455 seems to be better supported under 8.04
than 8.10.
HP also found to be very well supported. Lexmark is a disaster althou with
some help on the web I got my X1100 working under 8.10, I could normally use
the scanner with xsane but no printing.

Can anyone recommend a Printer, scanner, fax (Multipurpose Printer)
available in SA, not too expensive that will work out the box? Not too
worried about the fax.



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I'm not sure about this printer but in my experience HP works the best 
under Linux. Stay away from Canon. To see what is supported go to


> Hi all,
> Has anybody by any chance used this printer with 8.10, just want to find
> out if it is worth purchasing. I need to use printing and scanning.
> Normally as far as I know Epson is well supported. Info on the web I
> could find is only up to 7.10. and does not look good.
> Thank you
> Louis Fourie

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