[ubuntu-za] jaunty install

Lee Sharp leesharp at hal-pc.org
Thu Apr 30 14:52:21 BST 2009

Morgan Collett wrote:

> * Firefox is an exception, because Mozilla don't play nice with Linux
> distributions. They do not release individual patches for individual
> security problems - they just release a monolithic new release -
> 3.0.7, 3.0.8, 3.0.9 - with a whole lot of fixes applied, and it's just
> too difficult and time consuming to compare the entire source tree to
> find the changes and try to back port them to whatever version of
> Firefox was originally shipped. So the Ubuntu Tech Board made a
> decision some years back to update to the new release of Firefox,
> including all the dependent packages (xulrunner, etc). This takes some
> coordination to make sure they don't break any other (supported)
> package in the process.

This is not totally accurate.  They decided to do minor incremental 
changes, not major changes.  The definition of minor varies, but Gutsy 
is still on Firefox 2.5.x and Hardy will be on 3.0.x forever.  This bit 
me hard with Qemu and Bocs Bios in Gutsy.  It is a cause of lots of 
grief on launchpad. :)


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