[ubuntu-za] jaunty install

David Robert Lewis ethnopunk at telkomsa.net
Wed Apr 29 21:11:53 BST 2009

Hilton Gibson wrote:
> David Robert Lewis wrote:
>> Lee Sharp wrote:
>>> David Robert Lewis wrote:
>>>> Any advice about backwards compatibility with Hardy programmes? If 
>>>> I upgrade how much of my system will be lost? How to go about 
>>>> upgrading from Hardy? Do  I have to upgrade to Ibex first? Reason I 
>>>> am even considering it, is my pulseaudio got kludged the other 
>>>> night after I tried to install PSX emulator and was frittering 
>>>> around with it and now its totally borked. No sound. Hoping I can 
>>>> either undo the damage or find an upgrade path.
>>> Yes, you have to go to Ibex and then Jaunty, and can not skip.
>>> As to programs, I know ogle is missing from the Jaunty repos...  It 
>>> is the only player I have that plays from a hard drive rip with full 
>>> menu support.
>>>             Lee
>> Are you saying that I would have to re-install directly from the 
>> Repos, each individual programme? Is the system intelligent enough to 
>> figure out what needs to change and what can stay the same?
> Hi
> Check out: http://www.ubuntu.sun.ac.za/wiki/index.php/ReInstall for 
> some tips.
>  Hoping for some
>> intelligence especially with low-bandwidth. Never done this so its a 
>> great mystery.
>> D
Sorry Hilton, any instruction which begins with: "Step One. Set up a 
separate home partition"  is a recipe for disaster. Having completely 
bombed out recently because of a partition failure I know what it is 
like to spend hours recovering data. In fact I am in the process of 
recovering data from a brand new 500GB second hard-drive that I 
formatted NTFS hoping this would be safe, and now turns out there are 
bad sectors and I will probably have to return it. So no, the whole 
partition idea is straight out of the arc.  Step One. Start a new VM. 
There is hope in virtualisation.


PS Hi Raol, yes I do worry about the ability of small developers to keep 
up with the pace of change. It's no biggy missing an app that is just a 
curiosity, but if it performs a function for which you get paid, well, 
you're like stuffed. Then there projects which haven't managed to get 
out of the stable because there are no developers on the Ubuntu-side 
worrying about Cinelerra for instance. I wish the MOTU himself Mark 
Shuttleworth was more concerned with interoperability and platform 
stability than boot times. It is an indictment on Ubuntu that there is 
still no system sound equaliser. I can't pop out a basic panel that sees 
to treble and that kind of thing, so yes, ogle worries me.

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