[ubuntu-za] jaunty install

Lee Sharp leesharp at hal-pc.org
Wed Apr 29 15:39:30 BST 2009

David Robert Lewis wrote:

> Any advice about backwards compatibility with Hardy programmes? If I 
> upgrade how much of my system will be lost? How to go about upgrading 
> from Hardy? Do  I have to upgrade to Ibex first? Reason I am even 
> considering it, is my pulseaudio got kludged the other night after I 
> tried to install PSX emulator and was frittering around with it and now 
> its totally borked. No sound. Hoping I can either undo the damage or 
> find an upgrade path.

Yes, you have to go to Ibex and then Jaunty, and can not skip.

As to programs, I know ogle is missing from the Jaunty repos...  It is 
the only player I have that plays from a hard drive rip with full menu 


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