[ubuntu-za] jaunty install

David Robert Lewis ethnopunk at telkomsa.net
Wed Apr 29 15:21:41 BST 2009

Quintin van Rooyen wrote:
> Hey All (apologies for top posting - if it is happening - posting from
> cell gmail app)
> My experience has been largely positive. Different  to Intrepid I
> needed to reboot before b43-fwcutter configured my network card
> properly and I could connect to an access point.
> My (old) Ati graphics card is no longer supported by the fglrx driver
> (though I never had any need for it) and I found that the xorg
> implementation since Hardy has resulted in worse performance with
> every release (no 3d and 600-800 fps with glxgears), for the first
> time in a long time I needed to edit my xorg.Conf to get myself a
> decently performing desktop environment (Planet Penguin Racer @10-11
> fps and 1200-1600fps glxgears)
> Compiz works but is unusable as soon as I ave 1or more application
> open, so I settle for gnome-compositing.
> Booting is much quicker, and suspend-resume seems improved although I
> had two lockups from resume resulting in me doing a hard reboot.
> If you have an older ATI card and want to squiz my xorg.Conf let me know.
> On 4/27/09, Vijay Makanjee <vijay at ergo.co.za> wrote:
>> Hello
>> So to avoid the bootup freeze, I took the plunge and upgraded Jaunty.
>> Used the alternate CD -i386 for the job.
>> Worked well on both my production machines
>> Only problem was on the HP laptop dv 6611ie.
>> which has the problem of a broadcom wifi and nvidia graphics card
>> so wifi did not work immediately
>> screen resolution did not work at anything beyond 600x400
>> Also the update did not automatically update menu.list.
>> Solution was simple
>> 1. Manually amend menu.list and insert the new jaunty kernel in the
>> relevant spot
>> 2. installed envyng and it recognised my card and set up resolution
>> 3. wifi then seemed to work as well.
>> now works well.
>> Vijay
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Any advice about backwards compatibility with Hardy programmes? If I 
upgrade how much of my system will be lost? How to go about upgrading 
from Hardy? Do  I have to upgrade to Ibex first? Reason I am even 
considering it, is my pulseaudio got kludged the other night after I 
tried to install PSX emulator and was frittering around with it and now 
its totally borked. No sound. Hoping I can either undo the damage or 
find an upgrade path.


PS: Anyone know if the alternate disks for Ibex and Jaunty are available 
via the Freedom Toaster?

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