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Quintin van Rooyen quintin.vanrooyen at gmail.com
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2009/4/27 Etivaldo Victorino <drubadubs at gmail.com>

> Hi! My names is Dinho and i'm new here.

Hi Dinho.

> A friend of mine recommended me this list ( Artilheiro_Mz) . He introduced
> me to Ubuntu, and he helps me alot with it. I started to use ubuntu last
> week.
> I would like to learn more, because i found that Linux operative system is
> very interesting.
> A few days ago i had a problem with my Ubuntu. I was using the OS, then i
> decided to Logout because i was leaving the computer and then a black image
> came up and nothing was happening...after 8 minutes nothing was happening,
> so i decided to reset the computer.
> after reseting when i tried to login to ubuntu...after the loading bar a
> strange image came up. I can't do nothing from there
> i don't have access to the command line or else. It looks like the GUI is
> damaged or something like that
> i've attached a picture of how it looks.

Since no-one has taken a bite at this...

The red dots over the top of the screen seems to indicate that either your
screencard has failed for some reason (or the connection to the screen) or
your screencard is grossly misconfigured. I have seen similar behaviour when
my old laptop's screencard came loose and I needed to reset it.

To reconfigure your s-server (graphics settings) run this command: *sudo
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

Follow the promts as good as you can guestimate your settings should be and
you should sort out your login.

Please let me know if this has sorted your problem.


> i hope some one can help me...
> Thanks!!! =)
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