[ubuntu-za] Composing a new email

Chris Schoonbee cmschoonbee at mweb.co.za
Mon Apr 27 08:47:27 BST 2009

David Robert Lewis wrote:
> Michael Gorven wrote:
>> On Sunday 26 April 2009 11:59:29 David Robert Lewis wrote:
>> Please don't reply to a mailing list message when starting a new thread -- 
>> it's called threadjacking and is very bad etiquette. Compose a new message 
>> and address it to the mailing list address.
>> Michael
> Sorry about that, I right-clicked in thunderbird and edited as new. 
> Thought that would be okay. guess I have to sort out my address book 
> somehow.
> David
You are right, David - "Edit as new..." does not seem to give the  
behaviour that you would expect in Thunderbird.
What you can do in Thunderbird is the following (if you do not want to 
have use the address book):
* View an email from the list
* Right-click on the list address in the  Reply-To: field. In this case 
it  should be "ubuntu-za at lists.ubuntu.com" (Ubuntu South African Local 
* Select the "Compose Mail To" option.  This will create an empty proper 
new email (for a new thread/subject) for you to compose.

Hope this helps.

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