[ubuntu-za] OT blogspot

Bruno Marques bruno at tropical.co.mz
Tue Apr 21 08:33:37 BST 2009

this is a bit off topic, feel free to ignore, and reply to my email 
address if you can by any chance help me.

i've tried googling this, and saw a couple of forums but with no avail 
to give me a solution.

a friend of mine, started a blog from blogspot.com about his project, he 
made a first post explaining the project. but now he wants to post new 
articles, but wants the first post to remain always on top of the other 

is there a way this may be possible?

i read somewhere that it might be possible writing some tags in HTML, 
but thats not much my area.

any help is greatly appreciated.

please reply to my personal email.

sorry for any inconvenience, but this mailing list is one of the best 
i've seen at tackling problems.

best regards

Bruno Marques

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