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2009/4/20 Kevin Coetzee <kdcoetzee at gmail.com>

> Alex Faure wrote:
> > Anyone  got any comments on Linux Mint. I have been looking at the specs
> > and reviews and it seems very impressive.

I have been a mint user on-and-off for a few years now, and find the newer
versions mighty impressive. The older versions of Mint tended to break in
small ways when you installed a lot of packages that comes from the Ubuntu
repos (I once set up a LAMP server with a Celena install.)

Mint is especially useful if you do not have ready internet access since
most (almost all) common codecs (and Flash) is installed from the live disk.

The newer versions of Mint seem to have overcome the package
"Ubuntufication" and feels a bit quicker than a stock Ubuntu install. Also
of note is that the Mint extras are (or will be, I am too lazy to read the
proper mint blog entry) available for installation in Ubuntu, so you can
have yourself an Ubuntu install with Mintnanny, as a for instance.

My one gripe with Mint at large is that the main edition (Gnome desktop) is
largely dependant on the work of one maintainer, and although this is in my
opinion one of the best desktop oriented and ready distro's out there, more
than once the release of updates and new versions has been delayed because
of relying on one developer.

There is a vibrant community, and the KDE and XFCE and I think there is even
a Fluxbox edition are all "community editions." As a case in point the KDE
and XFCE editions based on Ubuntu Intrepid were only released within the
last month, a mere few weeks before the newest version of Ubuntu.

I use it as my daily desktop after moving away from Ubuntu due to the less
than optimal Hardy and Intrepid releases. When the Mint 7 Gloria release is
due (About a week or two after the Jaunty release) I will probably upgrade,
after giving Jaunty a fair shot.

An upshot for Mint is the similarity with Ubuntu - you can do anything with
Mint you can do with Ubuntu, but in all honesty this is not a distro for
someone who tinkers a lot, but for people who want to migrate from XP/Vista
this is the best place to point them into the direction of Linux.

I still prefer Ubuntu over Mint. but I use Gentoo primarily. so my input
> would not count.
> but one of my friends use mint for his desktop and here is his review.
> http://blog.g33q.co.za/2008/12/17/linux-mint-felicia-first-impressions/

Hah, I haven't blogged in such a long time!!

I will have to start blogging again, Jaunty and MInt 7 are following hot on
each others heels. Thanks for the shout!

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