[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) Discs

Phillip Pare ptpare at lantic.net
Wed Apr 15 23:11:33 BST 2009

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) wrote:
> Hi Ubuntu-ZA (we need a nicer name to refer to our members!)
> I've CC'd the list on our Jaunty discs request. I also put up a wiki
> page where everyone can enter their requests:
> http://wiki.ubuntu-za.org/Jaunty_CD%27s
> ...cut ....
I have two questions:

Firstly: Is there any plan to update all freedom toasters with the 
Jaunty release?

Secondly: I have never seen a complete set of all  the Ubuntu and 
Medibuntu repositories available on the Freedom Toasters. What would be 
required to implement this? I ask as the question of bandwidth costs 
comes up regularly. I have used aptoncd to backup all my updates but I 
still run into a dependency hell when trying to use these aptoncd's to 
update other computers. If the Freedom toasters were reguarly updated 
then I could make frequent copies of the repositories and avoid these 
dependency problems.
My most recent problem arose when trying to upgrade some Hardy systems 
with OpenOffice 3.0. Problems arose with uno-libs3; libslport4.6c2; 
libraptor1; librasqalo; librasqalo; librdfo; ure; dictionaries-common 
and python-uno amongst others. At times I have had considerable problems 
with the correct version of libpango. At the moment I am using the 
2.6.24-23-generic kernel with the 8.04 (Hardy LTS) release.



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