[ubuntu-za] Gauteng - Ubuntu Release Party

Ross Addis lists at revolution.org.za
Wed Apr 15 16:56:47 BST 2009

Hi Glug-Chat and Ubuntu-za

We where discussing the various options on #glug.za, about the Ubuntu
9.04 release party.
Most people were in favour of combining the Joburg and Pretoria parties.

It seems that 25 April is the date, around about lunch time.

Whether you are an Ubuntu fan-boy or not, it still a good opportunity to
get together and talk geek.

This is one of the options that we came up with:



Irene is not too far from Joburg.

If anyone has an other ideas for a relaxed and no too grotty venue
around the Centurion area, let us know.

We'll finalise the venue etc. by Friday.


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