[ubuntu-za] 8.10 freezing on splash screen and non gui mode

Vijay Makanjee vijay at ergo.co.za
Wed Apr 15 16:09:17 BST 2009

Sudhashen Naicker wrote, On 15/04/2009 16:47:
> or u could just <alt>-<tab>-<F1> after kernel select?
thanks I will try that.
> Simon Cross wrote:
>> On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 4:32 PM, Vijay Makanjee <vijay at ergo.co.za> wrote:
>>> Suddenly my laptop started freezing on bootup.
>>> It does not go beyond the splash screen and the progress bar freezes. It
>>> only continues loading when I press a key (anykey).
>>> It does the same when the splash was disabled.
>> Remove the "quiet" option from your boot parameters and add the
>> "nosplash" option. Reboot and see what it's doing when it waits.
This has made no difference. When booting without the splash the system
stops at various points and only moves on when pressing one of the keys.
 I guess I will have to go thru the logs line by line. Or maybe just
bite the bullet and install 9.04 and take my chances!

Most odd. This did happen at some stage in the past and there was a fix
- maybe on this forum which resolved the issue. Damn if I can find the
mail or the source.

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