[ubuntu-za] Script error

Russell Cloran russell at rucus.net
Tue Apr 14 13:42:54 BST 2009


On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 2:40 PM, Alf Stockton <alf at stockton.co.za> wrote:
>> When you have a * on a commandline, the shell replaces it with all the
>> files that match that pattern.

>> This happens before the 'if' statement is evaluated.  And, of course,
>> the "-f" test does not take more than one filename as an argument,
>> which is why you're getting the "too many arguments" error.

> Then I am certainly confused as the following works fine in another script.
> if [ -f /mnt/backup/mailbackups/*.dotproject.backup.sql ]
>     then
>     rm /mnt/backup/mailbackups/*.dotproject.backup.sql
>     fi

I would imagine that this other script has never been unlucky enough
to encounter the situation where more than one file matches the glob
you're using.

echo http://russell.rucus.net/spam/ |  sed 's,t/.*,t,;P;s,.*//,,;s,\.,@,;'

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