[ubuntu-za] A modest proposal for eliminating the inevitable partition failure issue with Ubuntu conversions

Lee Sharp leesharp at hal-pc.org
Sat Apr 11 18:59:43 BST 2009

David Robert Lewis wrote:

> Did you convert completely, or partition? Also, the Ubuntu duel boot 
> option assumes you're not going to do something crazy like partition a 
> third disk with HFS and that you're not going to try to install anything 
> else like SuZe. I went the partitioning root, learnt my lesson, sort of. 
> Then I got into VMS, but got caught by the Macintel bug, sad to say. 
> Now, I'm upgrading to VMware server, and sticking with one basic OS.

Partitions are just a bad concept.  This is not a Linux thing...  These 
problems happen on Windows as well.  I remember the same kind of posts 
back when people were dual booting Win95 and NT, and the NTloader would 
flame out.  The fact is that if you try and have more than 4 partitions, 
things go bad fast.  If you do not understand how to reinstall your 
bootloader (fdisk /mbr, super grub disk...  etc.) things can get ugly 
fast.  If you try and use the same bootloader for 2 different systems, 
(Ubuntu grub and suse grub) things get ugly fast.  If you want to run a 
lot of OSes, you either need multiple disk drives, or VM ware, or a lot 
of patients.


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