[ubuntu-za] iBurst Ethernet Modem to wrok in Ubuntu 8.10

Craig Harvey topexec88 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 12:27:29 BST 2009

Once again! Im a complete Newbie! :op

Does anyone know how to setup a iBurst Modem to get it working with iBurst.

Im trying to help my brother in-law set it up. He wants to start using
Ubuntu at his work. We tried calling iBurst and they cant help and we
searched on the internet for hours and tried all sorts of things.

So far I have learned how to download a .tar file - extract it and get to
that directory from the terminal window - to make and make install it.
Whatever that means.

Anyway  - any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thx - man ;o)
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