[ubuntu-za] Migrating from Vista To Ubuntu

Bruno Marques bruno at tropical.co.mz
Wed Apr 8 16:30:27 BST 2009

hello all

just to tell that the migration from thunderbird in windows to ubuntu 
was complete with no problems at all

ii'm actually quite surprised on how easy it was once i knew how

here's what i did in case someone had the same problem.

once i ran thunderbird in windows, and imported my mails from outlook. i 
went to the thunderbird directory in windows, inside thunderbird, i went 
to account settings - local folders, and saw the directory where the 
mails are kept.

copyed the entire "mail" folder, installed thunderbird in ubuntu. found 
where the mail is kept in same way, account settings- local folders. wen 
there, and copied the contents from inside the mail folder from windows 
to the mail folder inside ubuntu.

launched thunderbird, and all my mails were there!

thanks a lot to everyone who helped making this process really easy.

about songbird, folowing the link that Lee Sharp gave, donwload it, and 
installed with no problem at all 

and by the way, your article Schalk Neethling is going pretty good, glad 
i could help. keep up the good work.


Bruno Marques

Schalk Neethling - OpenSource Release Feed wrote:
> Hi there all,
> Please have a look at the article here:
> http://www.opensourcereleasefeed.com/article/show/migrating-from-windows-to-ubuntu-a-community-driven-guide 
> It is a combination of the questions and answers provided by the 
> community via this thread. Please feel free to add your comments here 
> and help build a community resource to help others who are also in the 
> process of migrating from Windows to Ubuntu.
> Thanks,
> Schalk
> wayne wrote:
>> Bruno Marques wrote:
>>> hello all
>>> finally made the migration on my laptop to ubuntu only.
>>> have firefox up and running with my bookmarks and stuff
>>> just finished installing thunderbird.
>>> now, someone said something about where to replace the folders from 
>>> the thunderbird in windows to a folder in ubuntu. i Cant quite 
>>> remember now who did, since all emails are backed up in a unreadable 
>>> file.
>>> can someone please point me out on where to put the profile folder 
>>> from thunderbird, in order to have all my older emails?
>>> one other thing regarding songbird, the music player.
>>> i downloaded the thing from their website, and its a tar.gz file, 
>>> i've unpacked it and got a folder of songbird.
>>> my question is, what do i do with it, in order to install songbird?
>>> i've attached a picture of the folder contents if it might help
>>> many thanks in advance
>>> regards
>>> Bruno Marques
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>> Songbird, use a terminal or create a shortcut, to songbird executable.
>> No need to INSTALL just run it.
>> Wayne A
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