[ubuntu-za] Changing Default Download Location

Bruno Mondego Marques bruno at tropical.co.mz
Mon Apr 6 21:26:44 BST 2009

what other servers do you suggest? some who are not clogged up with people

on some other days, i downloaded pretty well from the mz servers, dunno if
its something from tonight only, but its pretty bad!

better to try a sa server? or us?

> Bruno Mondego Marques wrote:
>> hello all
>> as i said, this weekend i was going to make the full transformation in
>> my
>> laptop from windows to ubuntu.
>> only had time to tackle this yesterday night.
>> already have ubuntu 8.10 up and running, and now im just in the process
>> of
>> installing the apps, at start im using the add/remove function from the
>> applications.
>> but, i dont know why, tonight im having some pretty slow speeds at
>> downloading, sometimes it even idles for some minutes.
>> im wondering if there is a way i can change the default download
>> location
>> for the packages, instead of downloading from a mz archive, maybe
>> downloading from a .sa or some other international location.
>> many thanks..
>> still have to see if i can get the thunderbird mails running from the
>> windows thunderbird, to the ubuntu thunder. will reply after all process
>> is finished
>> many thanks for the help im getting :)
> Hi Bruno
> If you go to System > Administration > Software Sources and have a look
> at the Ubuntu Software tab, you will see a drop down labelled "Download
> from:". On my system it says South Africa, but you can change it to many
> other locations.
> - Neil
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