[ubuntu-za] Migrating from vista to Ubuntu

David Robert Lewis ethnopunk at telkomsa.net
Sat Apr 4 13:53:54 BST 2009

Lee Sharp wrote:
> Bruno Mondego wrote:
>> hello all,
>> thanks for the tips..
>> ill be trying to migrate over this weekend.
>> what im still doubtfull, is, does any mail program under ubuntu (evolution, 
>> thinderbird,etc) can import the files from windows mail? i've attached a 
>> sample message that it "exports" in order to backup and "import"back to the 
>> program again some other time. if someone can please test and see if you can 
>> import the messages and contact to one of your email programs.
> Install Thunderbird for Windows.  It will import from Outlook.  Now back 
> up Thunderbird for Windows data files, and you can restore the data 
> under Thunderbird for Linux.
>> i kinda dont like the default programs that come with ubuntu for music, but 
>> never had any experience with burning cd's. has anyone got any experience on 
>> wich program works best for u?
> I loke totem for single files, and rythmbox does everything I need for 
> my library, and MP3 player.  As for CDs, I have used the defasult 
> programs without any issues.  What features are you missing?
> I don't do the other stuff you asked about.  Sorry...
> 			Lee
Of course one could simply start installing well-known Windows apps like 
Nero > NeroLinux <http://www.nero.com/enu/linux3.html> and then cough up 
the $$$$ to get the licences. If you have spare cash I highly recommend it.

But not everyone here has $$$$ and with an exchange rate like ours its 
simpy impossible to have the kind of spending power most of the Wet 
enjoys. So keep with the Third World Beat. Ubuntu is the leader  of 
Free, Libre, Open Source Software (FLOSS), I have just installed 
Songbird and love it.

Maybe that should be ROSS (Revolutionary Open Source Software) which 
would be in keep with Revolution OS. Have you seen the documentary? Its 
available from Google video.

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