[ubuntu-za] Migrating from vista to Ubuntu

wayne plettpc at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 12:42:03 BST 2009

Bruno Mondego wrote:

> what im still doubtfull, is, does any mail program under ubuntu (evolution,
> thinderbird,etc) can import the files from windows mail? i've attached a
> sample message that it "exports" in order to backup and "import"back to the
> program again some other time. if someone can please test and see if you 
> can
> import the messages and contact to one of your email programs.

Aside from the link explaining Backups, Here's a short explanation.

Option 1: Firstly DL and install thunderbird onto your Windows 

Install and it'll ask u to import all your Outlook settings and 
messages, check if this is indeed done.
Locate the profiles folder C:/programfiles/thunderbird/profiles

Copy this entire folder to a memory stick. this is your entire backup

When U load linux, DL the thunderbird Linux version and install.
Locate the profile dir in .mozillathunderbird folder in your home 
directory , copy your profile into it, U might have to rename it to the 
existing profile name.

Open thunderbird, ALL should just work.

Option 2: If you are dual booting, U can point your linux thunderbird 
store to the windows folder, Saves space and ensures mails are updated 
on both sides.

Wayne A

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