[ubuntu-za] Migrating from vista to Ubuntu

Bruno Mondego bruno at tropical.co.mz
Sat Apr 4 06:53:49 BST 2009

hello all,

thanks for the tips..

ill be trying to migrate over this weekend.

what im still doubtfull, is, does any mail program under ubuntu (evolution, 
thinderbird,etc) can import the files from windows mail? i've attached a 
sample message that it "exports" in order to backup and "import"back to the 
program again some other time. if someone can please test and see if you can 
import the messages and contact to one of your email programs.

other thing about the programs, i really want to know alternative programs 
for burning cd's, music, and chatting.

i kinda dont like the default programs that come with ubuntu for music, but 
never had any experience with burning cd's. has anyone got any experience on 
wich program works best for u?

i've had some issues with pidgin, what is in ur opinio the best alt for 
msn,google and yahoo chat program?
im looking for real answers from people who use it on a daily basis, 
sometimes on the internet they just give a overall opinion, and not what 
trully happens

about music, i was thinking about songbird. but, what do you guys prefer for 
your own use?

one other thing, im used to syncronising my contacts and scheduler from 
outlook with my phone.
is there any way i can continue to sync contact details from phone to pc in 
ubuntu? im using a nokia 6210 navigator. not to worry alot about the 

see if can import contact details and email
cd burner?
chat program?
music player?
sync phone contacts to pc and vice-versa

many thanks

Bruno Marques
Área Técnica
Cell: +258 82 620 6200
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> 2009/4/3 Hannes Coetzee <scorpking at scorpking.za.org>:
>> Hi Bruno
>> Make sure you do all the converting on Windows and don't forget to
>> export your address book to csv if you have one. If you backup
>> "C:\Users\" on Vista or "C:\Documents and Settings\" on XP you'll have
>> all your data unless you don't store files in the default locations. I
>> also have a backup of the install partition should you ever need it.
>> Follow the rest of the advice and it should be fine.
>> Welcome to Ubuntu
>> Hannes
> Also there is an extra repository you can add at a later stage called
> medibuntu (http://www.medibuntu.org/) that has additional packages
> that Ubuntu cannot package for legal reasons etc. This includes skype
> and some of the proprietary codecs.
> Good Luck and hope you enjoy :)
> Gary Alexander
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