[ubuntu-za] Migrating from vista to Ubuntu

Lee Sharp leesharp at hal-pc.org
Fri Apr 3 16:02:52 BST 2009

Bruno Mondego wrote:
> hello all
> i'm dual booting in my desktop pc in home, ubuntu, and windows
> but now i finally decided to do a full migration to ubuntu in my laptop..
> my only concerns are, how to migrate crucial info from one OS to the other.
> for instance, i need help on "converting" all my email from windows 
> mail, to another mail program, like thunderbird.
> firefox bookmarks aswell.

Install the Windows versions, and let them import.  Then back up the 
data.  It will port

> etc..
> is there any important stuff i have to remind myself to do, or to backup?

> im using a hp laptop, wich has a separate partition for recovery.
> if i install ubuntu, will i lose that recovery partition forever?

You can use something like ghost4unix http://www.feyrer.de/g4u/ or 
ghost4linux http://sourceforge.net/projects/g4l to back up the recovery 
partition if you need it.

> and by the way, wich programs you think are best to exchange for the 
> windows programs?


> just want to know what everyones oppinion on the matter is
> if someone had the pleasure of going through that type of experience, i 
> would gladdly appreciate any suggestions and tips.

If I can, I take out the old hard drive and keep it on a shelf for a 
while, and start with new.  That way I can recover from the "Ooops, I 
needed that" moments.


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