[ubuntu-za] Migrating from vista to Ubuntu

Tim Johnson tim at pteq.net
Fri Apr 3 14:09:56 BST 2009

I migrated completely from XP after 6 months of dual booting and I haven't  
looked back.

Backing up your Windows stuff is obviously a good idea... you never know  
what you'll need in the future.

As for alternative apps, look at www.osalt.com for a comprehensive list of  
Linux equivalents to Windows apps.  I use Opera which imported all of my  
mail and bookmarks without a problem.  I haven't used Thunderbird for a  
while, so I cant remember what it imports, but Firefox imports most  
bookmarks flawlessly.

I would imagine that you can reserve your HP Recovery partition using  
GParted, but I'm not experienced enough to guide you on that.  What is in  
that partition anyway?  Is it not only Windows-related recovery data?  If  
so, you may not need it after migration.

How long have you been using Ubuntu?  From the sound of your question  
regarding alternative apps, perhaps you should continue to dual-boot until  
you are satisfied that you have found all the Linux apps you need?

Good luck

> hello all
> i'm dual booting in my desktop pc in home, ubuntu, and windows
> but now i finally decided to do a full migration to ubuntu in my laptop..
> my only concerns are, how to migrate crucial info from one OS to the  
> other.
> for instance, i need help on "converting" all my email from windows  
> mail, to another mail program, like thunderbird.
> firefox bookmarks aswell.
> etc..
> is there any important stuff i have to remind myself to do, or to backup?
> im using a hp laptop, wich has a separate partition for recovery.
> if i install ubuntu, will i lose that recovery partition forever?
> and by the way, wich programs you think are best to exchange for the  
> windows programs?
> just want to know what everyones oppinion on the matter is
> if someone had the pleasure of going through that type of experience, i  
> would gladdly appreciate any suggestions and tips.
> many thanks
> Bruno Marques
> Área Técnica
> TropicalWeb
> Cell: +258 82 620 6200

Using Ubuntu 8.10 and Opera

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