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Tim Johnson tim at pteq.net
Wed Apr 1 10:29:50 BST 2009

I agree fully... perhaps we are making a mountain out of a molehill.  I  
agree that professional branding etc is essential, but let's focus on  
professional content and considered strategy before leaping into an  
endeavour as extensive and serious as this.  The effort which Hannes and  
others have contributed needs praise, help and encouragement rather than  
picking at the frills.

On Tue, 31 Mar 2009 21:32:06 +0200, Hannes Coetzee  
<scorpking at scorpking.za.org> wrote:

> OK now seriously, the only reason that image is online is because I
> don't have a scanner at home to scan and upload my pencil sketch. I also
> didn't see the point in spending more that 5 minutes on something that
> will not be used anyway, so would those who completely miss the point
> please go back and read my original post one more time. I can run an
> outline plugin in GIMP and convert the image to grayscale if that would
> help to clear this up. I enjoy the jokes about my "artwork" and really
> appreciate all the comments and ideas and a lot of them are way better
> than anything I could ever come up with. There will always be someone
> who can come up with something better based on your idea. It is always
> good to hear what others think and that is the reason why I keep on
> posting here. Constructive criticism will always be welcomed but if
> possible try not to discourage people, even more so when you have
> nothing valuable to add. A few new ideas would also be welcome. ;)
> This is not directed at anyone and my apologies if it offends anyone.
> Can we get back on track now?
> Regards
> Hannes
>> On Tuesday 31 March 2009 15:05:58 Péter Nel wrote:
>>> Finally, get a skilled artist &| photographer to do it ;-)
>>> (but seriously)
>> I'm going to have to agree with Péter, this is not the image you want  
>> to put
>> forward (if you'll excuse the pun). Currently it looks terrible and  
>> completely
>> unprofessional (and Hannes, I know you said it's not a final product,  
>> I'm
>> saying this for the benefit of everyone else).
>> If you really want to make a good impact with open source software, you  
>> have
>> to start from the very beginning with your branding. This includes all  
>> images,
>> posters, website designs, and other graphics. Half-hearted efforts  
>> (even if
>> it's the best you can do) do not cut the grade, and serve to further  
>> plunge
>> FLOSS's reputation into the ground.
>> Sadly, I'm not well endowed with design skills or time, but Hannes, if  
>> I get a
>> chance this weekend I'll have a go at something...

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