[ubuntu-za] Partition Advice Please

vincent bullet at ballmail.co.za
Tue Sep 30 19:30:39 BST 2008

Could someone please give me some advice on partitioning my HDD?
I've got an 80GB Drive & am running a duel boot system - XP Pro & 8.04.
I want to re-install Hardy & create A separate partition for my Home
When I originally installed Hardy I used the first option, allowing
linux to lead me through the process, this created Home in root.
Due to problems with Hardy, I want to re-install, but don't want to lose
any upgrades I've installed.
Hence my wanting to create a separate Home partition.
At present my system is as follows:
sda2 -Extended 52.83GB
sda5 -ext3 51.48GB
sda6 -Linux Swap 1.35GB

I propose to change the set-up to the following suggested by Karl Larsen
on another thread, with some changes.

sdal1- ntfs-3Gb
sda2 - Extended -58GB
sda3 - Home - 12GB
sda5 -ext3  5GB
sda6 -Linux Swap -2GB
Does this make sense?

My concern is, will I lose data on sdal1 if I make this partition
smaller as proposed? - On the face of it, a silly question, but being a
beginner here, I need your advice - My thinking is, that if I make the
partition smaller, it will just make the available space for XP less &
not destroy any data. Am I wrong, or will I need to reload XP as well?

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