[ubuntu-za] Thin Client on Ubuntu 8.04

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 22 13:42:46 BST 2008

Hi Barry

Barry Wyatt wrote:
> Edubuntu with LTSP - yes, but what version please? The changes they have
> made in the 8.04 release don't seem to be widely documented. - Hilton
> answered this one for me.

LTSP's documentation needs quite a lot of updating. I'm hoping to get a 
bit more involved there shortly myself. When it comes to LTSP, newer is 
definitely better. Any LTSP older than included on 7.10 isn't even worth 
using anymore, because so many things have been fixed and included since 

> I am based in East London.  At present, if I can get the solution
> working on three machines (and test run some educational lab software)
> then I will be confident to make proposals for a 2009 community center
> consideration - cause "he who gets the vision gets the job."

Excellent. Well, I suggest you use Ubuntu 8.04.1. When it comes to the 
point where you have to put a proposal together, you can decide whether 
you want to stick with an LTS release (8.04) or go with riskier, newer 
software that is available at the time (8.10, which is available as of 
next month).


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