[ubuntu-za] Project Planning

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 22 12:37:50 BST 2008

Hi Bill

Bill Cairns wrote:
> I then went to the web and found that OpenProject does indeed have
> a .deb install file available. I downloaded it and it runs like a dream.
> (Actually it is based on MS Project which is very basic too in MHO - but
> it is certainly good enough for planning a move!)
> Any idea why OPenProj is not in the repositories?

I just went through all it's licenses. It looks like it will be slightly 
tedious packaging this, since you have to specify the license for every 
file in a package if you want it included in Ubuntu. Also, since one of 
the licenses that some of the files are released under is a non-free on, 
it would have to go into the multiverse repository, which may also deter 
some Ubuntu contributors to package it.


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