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Sorry for hi-jacking this... But on Facebook, I find that "Pages" are
much, much more effective than the Groups.

Pages has better "growth" as people can just click "Become a fan", and
doesn't actually have to visit the Group to become a fan (or get the
latest news).

Updates can be sent as well with a page, (may be possible with a group
too).  But generally people have to go through the effort of going to
the "group", whilst the pages can send updates, and when the user clicks
on his "pages" he'll notice and update (or insight etc.) is available on
that page, whilst I don't think it's available on the groups.


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I just want to remind all of our members that are Facebook users that
there is an Ubuntu-ZA Facebook group available. If you're on Facebook,
and haven't joined yet, you can find it at:

  * http://tinyurl.com/ubuntu-za-facebook-group


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