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Derick Hewetson derick at cyberiansystems.net
Fri Sep 19 07:52:26 BST 2008

Hi Jonathan,

I should have mentioned that the computer is a laptop, so there is no 
way to change the adapter, but I will try a new openchrome driver and 
see what happens.

If xorg.conf no longer mentions which driver to use, how do I configure 
it to select a specific driver? Even the "sudo dpkg-reconfigure 
xserver-xorg" no longer asks which driver to use.


Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) wrote:
> Hi Derick
> Derick Hewetson wrote:
>> Funnily enough, I have noticed that the xorg.conf file still looks luike 
>> the one in KDE4, with very little info in it and no reference to the 
>> driver being used. The glxinfo tells me that Direct Rendering is enabled 
>> and the glxgears are faster than usual. In Ubuntu, I used the openchrome 
>> driver.
>> Any ideas?
> In recent versions of xorg, they have improved the hardware detection 
> drastically. As a result, they have removed any unnecessary entries out 
> of the xorg config file. The desktop environment you use will not have 
> an effect on your xorg config file, if you try Ubuntu 8.04 with Gnome, 
> it will look the same. I know there's been a lot of changes in the 
> openchrome drivers recently, Via has been releasing more and more code 
> under a free license. Perhaps some of the problems are caused by the 
> merges between all the various openchrome code that exists, maybe that 
> also explains why your glxgears are faster than usual. As a temporary 
> solution, you could perhaps try to get hold of an older openchrome 
> driver and use that. Although, I think the best solution would be to get 
> a decent pci/agp/pci-e card and just pop it in. An entry level display 
> card that will give you much, much better performance and driver support 
> will only cost around R150 or so. I think that's a worth-while 
> investment for the performance you'll get and the hassle it will save you.
> -Jonathan

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