[ubuntu-za] Kubuntu Remix

Derick Hewetson derick at cyberiansystems.net
Fri Sep 19 07:19:31 BST 2008

Hi All,

Well, I have reverted back to the KDE3 desktop by installing the 
kubuntu-desktop meta package, but I still have problems with the screen 
refresh. If I open an application or move a window, the rest of the 
screen disappears, or when I scroll , the window blanks out. What could 
be causing this, as Ubuntu 8.04 with Gnome had no problems on the same 

Funnily enough, I have noticed that the xorg.conf file still looks luike 
the one in KDE4, with very little info in it and no reference to the 
driver being used. The glxinfo tells me that Direct Rendering is enabled 
and the glxgears are faster than usual. In Ubuntu, I used the openchrome 

Any ideas?


Charl van Niekerk wrote:
> Hi All,
> I share your frustrations. I installed KDE4 on my Ubuntu 8.04 machine
> right after 8.04 was released. KDE didn't work and it even managed to
> break Gnome. I ended up reinstalling Ubuntu from scratch. Heavy
> disappointment as I was quite looking forward to KDE4's new features.
> Cheers,
> Charl

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