[ubuntu-za] Leadership change

Hilton Theunissen hilton at inkululeko.co.za
Thu Sep 18 19:12:20 BST 2008


Craig I know it has been a tough year for you, I certainly miss you at 
the conferences with your OpenOffice.org sky blue shirt. Can't wait to 
see you in action again.

The ZA Team is a very passionate team, together, Morgan and Jonathan, 
will take this community to one of the top open source communities in 
the world.

Gents as the company that supports one of the largest Ubuntu users in 
South Africa, over 90 000 tuXlab educators in learners, you have our 
support.  At the end of this month we are certifying over 1000 educators 
and learners with the International Grades in Open Technologies 
Certification.  Since inception of the Open Source learning Centre 
Program(2000) aka tuXlabs(2004-2008), I have been of the opinion we 
should get the future computers users to get their IT skills/knowledge 
on open source software.

Proposal 1:
- Ubuntu-za community members should go back to their primary and high 
school to educate them on OS, Ubuntu,Edubuntu,etc.

Proposal 2:
- Establish School Ubuntu Clubs

Proposal 3:
- Volunteer technical support to education projects like tuXlabs(Cape, 
PE, KZN, GP, Limpopo, Nwest,Limpopo), OLPC, DigitalDoorway, e-Tux(KZN), 
Rhodes OS Schools(Grahamstown), Nwest Education Department Labs(50+ 
schools), schoolwan.org.za(cape),The Social Content and Networking for 
Schools project(http://scns.uwc.ac.za), .....add more education projects....

Proposal 4:
- Establish national competition for school learners to come up with a 
funky logo for Ubuntu-za,etc.

Proposal 5:
-.......donate new hardware for ailing tuXlab networks....:-)

Ok that is the bath ideas, shower is normally quick but I am sure the 
time spent in the loo will bring up some interesting ideas;-)

Kind regards.

Hilton Theunissen
(aka coolio in slugland)
Inkululeko Technologies
Mobile: +27 72 900800 1
E-mail: hilton at inkululeko.co.za
****Please visit********

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) wrote:
> Hi
> Morgan Collett wrote:
>> On Monday Craig Adams stepped down as co-leader of the Ubuntu-ZA
>> LoCoTeam, as he has had no time to contribute in recent months.
> Thanks to Craig for getting the initial set-up of the loco team done. I 
> hope the he jumps back in when he has more time again. Craig, you're 
> always welcome here.
>> After a long conversation with Jonathan Carter last night I'm very
>> happy to announce that Jonathan will be the new co-leader. For those
>> of you who don't know him, Jonathan is a long time contributor to
>> Ubuntu, specifically Edubuntu where he was the first project webmaster
>> and community contact. He is an Ubuntu member, and has been involved
>> with local projects including Skubuntu and the tuxLabs derivative
>> distro. Jonathan has worked for the Shuttleworth Foundation,
>> Inkululeko and Impi Linux.
> That's quite an interesting mini-bio :)
>  From November onwards I'll have some dedicated time to spend working on 
> our loco team. The timing is slightly off though, since our Loco team 
> will be up for review in October, where we'll have to report on our 
> activities for the last two years. The loco has been practically 
> non-existent in its first year. Basically, we might have to re-apply for 
> our loco status. Morgan has done a great job of getting it going with a 
> few hard pushes. Since Feisty we've had release parties in Cape Town, 
> and since Hardy, in Jo'burg as well. Mailing list and IRC participation 
> has improved, and we now host our own wiki and planet. We also have 
> members that have taken good initiative with the local Get Ubuntu program.
> I think that we have to take what we've done the last year, which our 
> little team can be proud of, and solidify it over the next year. Let's 
> get more people involved in making themselves available to burn Ubuntu 
> discs for other people (I should do that too, I know), and make some 
> more Ubuntu noise on the planets, get some nice avatars for our current 
> planet, finish our wiki migration (I'll put some specific effort into 
> getting this done), etc. On top of that, we should expand on what we're 
> doing. I think most people will agree that a community is much more than 
> a mailing list and a website (although those are important). We need to 
> get more physical.
> Morgan and I talked for a few hours about this on Tuesday evening at 
> Sandton City in Johannesburg. We had a bunch of ideas, our biggest 
> concern is that we might get a bit too ambitious and choose to pursuit 
> too big tasks and projects that we may be too small for at the moment.
> There will be some separate threads on the subject where we'll discuss 
> the future of our loco team, and where we as a team would like to see it 
> going.
> I suggest that everyone take some time when you're in the bath, shower, 
> in the loo, stuck in traffic, stuck in boring meetings, etc, take some 
> time and think about the loco team over the next week or so. Where do 
> you want to see it go? What can we do to improve the Ubuntu experience 
> in South Africa? How can we improve our national footprint and be of 
> service to new users?
> The loco report will also require us to list what our plans are for the 
> next year. Let's put together a plan that is achievable and that will 
> make our loco team a solid and progressive organisation.
> Who's in?
> -Jonathan

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