[ubuntu-za] Kubuntu Remix

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 18 13:50:38 BST 2008

Hi Derick

Derick Hewetson wrote:
> I tried out Kubuntu for the first time yesterday, having been an Ubuntu 
> user previously. I used the Kubuntu 8.04 Remix with KDE4, and have found 
> it almost unusable (crashes, screen not redrawing etc).
> Of those of you that have used it, do any of you have any recommended 
> improvements I can make to improve stability, or do you suggest just 
> reverting to KDE3?

Using KDE 3 would probably be your best bet. KDE 4 is to a large degree 
a rewrite of big parts of KDE 3. Some components are entirely missing 
from KDE 4, such as the KDE-PIM suite. The KDE project received some 
criticism for calling the 4.0 release a final release, but they have 
made it clear that KDE 4 is a long term project, and it will probably be 
another 2 Ubuntu releases or so before KDE 4 will be anywhere close to 
KDE 3. Aparently KDE 4.1 fixes a large amount of issues that users 
experienced in KDE 4.0.


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