[ubuntu-za] Leadership change

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 18 09:11:18 BST 2008

Hi Stefan

Stefan Lesicnik wrote:
> Congrats and good luck with everything!  I am definitely in and would
> like to focus on the Ubuntu developer side. I know there is some
> interest in this. While I am not a MOTU (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU)
>  - i have uploaded about 17 packages into intrepid and am starting to
> learn my way around it.  So I volunteer to help teach what i know /
> learn together where we can.
> I spoke with Morgan about this briefly yesterday, and I think we just
> need to put a date to it and spend half a day doing some kind of
> package / bug jam.
> So lets see if we can organise a date / venue (im in jhb).    Some of
> my MOTU stuff here on my company page...
> http://people.lsd.co.za/wiki/stefan

I'll look at that a bit later... but I just thought I'd mention that in 
our discussions, both Morgan and I want to become MOTU's (at your rate 
you will probably even beat us). In the meantime, we want to schedule 
talks and workshops that will introduce local enthusiasts to the MOTU 
process. Your experience would certainly be valuable to that project. 
Can't wait to get it going!


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