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Stefan Lesicnik stefan at lsd.co.za
Thu Sep 18 09:03:49 BST 2008

Hi Jonathan!

Congrats and good luck with everything!  I am definitely in and would
like to focus on the Ubuntu developer side. I know there is some
interest in this. While I am not a MOTU (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU)
 - i have uploaded about 17 packages into intrepid and am starting to
learn my way around it.  So I volunteer to help teach what i know /
learn together where we can.

I spoke with Morgan about this briefly yesterday, and I think we just
need to put a date to it and spend half a day doing some kind of
package / bug jam.

So lets see if we can organise a date / venue (im in jhb).    Some of
my MOTU stuff here on my company page...



On Thu, Sep 18, 2008 at 9:56 AM, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)
<jonathan at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Hi
> Morgan Collett wrote:
>> On Monday Craig Adams stepped down as co-leader of the Ubuntu-ZA
>> LoCoTeam, as he has had no time to contribute in recent months.
> Thanks to Craig for getting the initial set-up of the loco team done. I
> hope the he jumps back in when he has more time again. Craig, you're
> always welcome here.
>> After a long conversation with Jonathan Carter last night I'm very
>> happy to announce that Jonathan will be the new co-leader. For those
>> of you who don't know him, Jonathan is a long time contributor to
>> Ubuntu, specifically Edubuntu where he was the first project webmaster
>> and community contact. He is an Ubuntu member, and has been involved
>> with local projects including Skubuntu and the tuxLabs derivative
>> distro. Jonathan has worked for the Shuttleworth Foundation,
>> Inkululeko and Impi Linux.
> That's quite an interesting mini-bio :)
>  From November onwards I'll have some dedicated time to spend working on
> our loco team. The timing is slightly off though, since our Loco team
> will be up for review in October, where we'll have to report on our
> activities for the last two years. The loco has been practically
> non-existent in its first year. Basically, we might have to re-apply for
> our loco status. Morgan has done a great job of getting it going with a
> few hard pushes. Since Feisty we've had release parties in Cape Town,
> and since Hardy, in Jo'burg as well. Mailing list and IRC participation
> has improved, and we now host our own wiki and planet. We also have
> members that have taken good initiative with the local Get Ubuntu program.
> I think that we have to take what we've done the last year, which our
> little team can be proud of, and solidify it over the next year. Let's
> get more people involved in making themselves available to burn Ubuntu
> discs for other people (I should do that too, I know), and make some
> more Ubuntu noise on the planets, get some nice avatars for our current
> planet, finish our wiki migration (I'll put some specific effort into
> getting this done), etc. On top of that, we should expand on what we're
> doing. I think most people will agree that a community is much more than
> a mailing list and a website (although those are important). We need to
> get more physical.
> Morgan and I talked for a few hours about this on Tuesday evening at
> Sandton City in Johannesburg. We had a bunch of ideas, our biggest
> concern is that we might get a bit too ambitious and choose to pursuit
> too big tasks and projects that we may be too small for at the moment.
> There will be some separate threads on the subject where we'll discuss
> the future of our loco team, and where we as a team would like to see it
> going.
> I suggest that everyone take some time when you're in the bath, shower,
> in the loo, stuck in traffic, stuck in boring meetings, etc, take some
> time and think about the loco team over the next week or so. Where do
> you want to see it go? What can we do to improve the Ubuntu experience
> in South Africa? How can we improve our national footprint and be of
> service to new users?
> The loco report will also require us to list what our plans are for the
> next year. Let's put together a plan that is achievable and that will
> make our loco team a solid and progressive organisation.
> Who's in?
> -Jonathan
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