[ubuntu-za] Re-installing Feisty

Hannes Coetzee scorpking at eshowecompcentre.co.za
Wed Sep 17 12:46:57 BST 2008

Hi Vincent

VIA S3 graphics cards are some of the cheapest around. Most of the 
cheaper laptops come with them. You need to use the OpenChrome driver 
for this card if I'm not mistaken. see 
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenChrome .My dad's laptop has the 
same card. You might have to add a monitor (1024 x 768) before you will 
get anything bigger than 800 x 600. If you still battle let me know. The 
last S3 card I had to configure was quite a pain. I still have the 
xorg.conf for the S3 on 8.04 somewhere should you need it.

I'd suggest a reinstall instead of an upgrade. To make things easier in 
the future for upgrading or a reinstall is to always have your /home 
directory on a separate partition. That way you can reinstall without 
losing any of your files and information. Make a backup of 
/var/cache/apt/archives/ to save all the extra packages that you have 
downloaded already. Once you have Xorg working also make a backup of 
xorg.conf .If you use wvdial for dialup then backup /etc/wvdial.conf 
.Other dialup settings should be in /etc/ppp/ but I'n not sure. Maybe 
someone else here knows better.

Could you test shutdown from GDM before you log in? If it works then 
there is something in your home directory that's causing it. Another way 
is to create a test user and test it there.


vincent wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Can anyone please help me with info on re-installing feisty on my 
> computer - I've just about given up with hardy.It won't recognise my 
> graphics card & will only display resolutions of 800x600 or 600x400 & 
> not 1024x768 which is what it should be - Feisty has no trouble with this.
> Hardy won't allow package manager to open feisty, giving a whole list of 
> files it say's aren't there, so it would appear that I can't install in 
> hardy.
> Should I install in windows, won't I possibly mess up the partition's on 
> the drive?
> The other hassle with hardy is that it won't turn off when selecting the 
> shutdown option & the off button on the case freezes so my only option 
> here is the reboot button on the case which still work's...so it's into 
> XP,(dual boot sys)& then turn off.
> I've tried shutdown, going into root & shutdown -h -P - Same story, the 
> screen goes blank & computer keeps running.
> I've tried re installing hardy, still won't recognise on board graphics 
> card.(S3 Prosavage DDr Microsft)It's defaulted to a "vesa" which only 
> give the 800 or 600 resolution. Enough now!
> Please help, I don't want to mess up or corrupt any files & need to know 
> the correct procedure - Also, will I lose any upgrades done? e.g.. Eye 
> of gnome, gnome dialup tool,modem driver? Or will they be transferred 
> over to feisty?
> Vince

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