[ubuntu-za] Re-installing Feisty

vincent bullet at ballmail.co.za
Wed Sep 17 08:49:57 BST 2008

Hi Folks,
Can anyone please help me with info on re-installing feisty on my 
computer - I've just about given up with hardy.It won't recognise my 
graphics card & will only display resolutions of 800x600 or 600x400 & 
not 1024x768 which is what it should be - Feisty has no trouble with this.
Hardy won't allow package manager to open feisty, giving a whole list of 
files it say's aren't there, so it would appear that I can't install in 
Should I install in windows, won't I possibly mess up the partition's on 
the drive?
The other hassle with hardy is that it won't turn off when selecting the 
shutdown option & the off button on the case freezes so my only option 
here is the reboot button on the case which still work's...so it's into 
XP,(dual boot sys)& then turn off.
I've tried shutdown, going into root & shutdown -h -P - Same story, the 
screen goes blank & computer keeps running.
I've tried re installing hardy, still won't recognise on board graphics 
card.(S3 Prosavage DDr Microsft)It's defaulted to a "vesa" which only 
give the 800 or 600 resolution. Enough now!
Please help, I don't want to mess up or corrupt any files & need to know 
the correct procedure - Also, will I lose any upgrades done? e.g.. Eye 
of gnome, gnome dialup tool,modem driver? Or will they be transferred 
over to feisty?


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