[ubuntu-za] Thin Client on Ubuntu 8.04

Barry Wyatt wyattware at telkomsa.net
Tue Sep 16 19:21:12 BST 2008

Hi all,

Anyone had any luck installing old pcs as thin clients?

I am still struggling to get thin client working on Hardy.  The server
works, I can PXE in with my Laptop - no problems, works well.

I am now trying to etherboot three old PCs (the reason I want to go thin
client) - downloads kernel, but after RESET I get a kernel panic.

I tried installing Hardy on the actual machines from live CD and the
installation hung - are the machines just too old to run Hardy?  Surely

I keep reading useful threads to find out they are for an older version
of Ubuntu and don't have the correct paths etc.  

Any help or a pointer where to look would be appreciated. 


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