[ubuntu-za] HARDY

Vincent bullet at ballmail.co.za
Sat Sep 13 13:59:51 BST 2008

Many thanks Hannes, regarding your input - I seem to recall trying the
live CD to recover but I think all I got was the new live Cd, it didn't
load any of the old files - Maybe I'd missed a step?

I went into X11/xorg.conf to put the vesa driver in,as you suggested,
but it was already there,ubuntu doesn't seem to have recognised the
installed one, so maybe I need to put that graphic cards info in? - I
didn't want to do this in case I really messed up & things became
totally unplayable - What info do I put in?
It's a S3 Pro Savage DDR Microsoft Graphics Card.

I went into the system log as suggested & couldn't find anything
untoward on ending the session, but did see on boot up the following
lines, not sure if they're relevant.
1st line was boot up command going into /boot/grub/menu.lst - Straight
2nd line  PAM unable to dlopen (/lib/security/pam_smbpass.so)
3rd line  PAM (error: /lib/security/pam_smbpass.so: cannot open shared
object file: no such file or directory)
4th line  PAM adding faulty module: /lib/security/pam_smbpass.so

On looking back at a number of sessions, the same 3 lines appear, adding
this faulty module above.

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