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Ivo Vegter ivo at hivemind.net
Fri Sep 12 11:27:04 BST 2008

Vincent wrote:

> 4.	I'm not sure if this one is an evo or ubuntu problem, but while
> composing an email, ubuntu turned off by itself, in exactly the same way
> as if I'd selected shut down - Blank screen, computer still running &
> having to reboot at the tower - Evo fortunately recovered my work after
> restart - Evolution ver. 2.22.1 is installed in hardy.
> I haven't downloaded any updates as yet for either ubuntu or evolution.

This sounds like you might be hitting a hotkey, such as
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, which kills X (the graphical interface). Usually, it
either drops to a command line, or auto-restarts X at the login screen,
but if your boot/shutdown options aren't working right, this may result
in the same blank screen you're describing while shutting down.

You may find it useful to find exact error messages, and google for
those (or parts of them) enclosed in quotation marks. Hardware model
numbers for graphics cards and monitors are also useful while searching.

Many of the strange problems I've experienced have been solved that way,
and since some of them depend on very particular hardware combinations,
this is often the best way to go about it.

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